Integ. ProspectionProcedure

Procedure of an archaeoprospection


The procedure of the survey is as follows:

  • Placing a local grid and fixing it to proper topographic points. Creating a local grid (normally 50 x 50 m) provides exact data recording. Wooden pegs will be used and removed after the geophysical survey and fixing or calibration of the local grid.
  • Geophysical survey with controlling the results in the field. The geophysical survey will use instrumentation with an optimum of resolution regarding the aim of research. The fieldwork comprises magnetometer, resistivity and ground penetrating radar survey. The data will be checked at least every day for accuracy and archaeological evaluation. The state of the survey can be reported to the customer several times in the course of the fieldwork.
  • Controlling and evaluating of the results of the geophysical data and discussing it together with the customer several times in the course of the survey is useful to direct the survey to the most interesting areas. In several instances geophysical data revealed unexpected results and point to areas not considered yet. Therefore a change of the initial plan of the survey might become reasonable in the course of the survey.
  • Calibration of the local grid to an existing grid (e. g. national or international grid). The calibration of the local grid is necessary to fix the recorded data to an independent coordinate system. This step provides the accuracy of the topographic situation of the area of investigation. Furthermore it provides the possibility to reconstruct the original grid of the geophysical survey for future archaeological fieldwork.
  • Report with text and illustrations and an archaeological interpretation of the measurements. Immediately after finishing the fieldwork and before the departure of our team the customer receives a preliminary report including maps of the geophysical data and a restricted description of the most necessary results of the survey. Depending on the complexity of the results a final report will be delivered some weeks later being subject to an agreement with customer. The final report contains several plots of the geophysical data mapped to basic maps with coordinate systems as agreed, an interpretive drawing and a detailed discussion of all structures revealed by the geophysical survey basically from an archaeologists point of view. Special wishes and needs of the customer regarding data format, basic maps used and so on will be considered.
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