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Archaeological prospection using geophysical methods


Archaeological Preservation and Research is both concerned with our archaeological heritage as a whole as well as with extensive informations on specific sites. Here archaeological surveying provides a quick, nondestructive and low-cost way to detect and document such sites. Aerial photography and field surveys help to trace relevant sites, while geophysical methods are used for documentation.


The Posselt & Zickgraf Prospektionen GbR is specialized in geophysical surveys at archaeological sites. Our activities mainly concentrate on magnetometer, resistivity survey and ground penetrating radar, as established and reliable methods in archaeological fieldwork. In the context of archaeological targets we develop entire survey concepts, use geophysical methods as archaeological survey techniques and in the end produce archaeological interpretations of our survey results in the form of maps and reports. Besides knowledge of physics, the comprehensive interpretation of survey results calls on the archaeological know-how of the interpreter to relate the results to comparable archaeological structures.


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