Geomagnetic - Application in Archaeology

  • Investigated property: magnetic susceptibility.
  • Method: Mapping of the near surface gradient of the vertical component of the magnetic flux of the earth`s magnetic field.
  • Instrumentation: Fluxgate-Gradiometer Förster Ferex 4.032.01, 4 channels (2 Fluxgate probes used in a gradiometer array, vertical distance 0.65 m each channel), Maximum resolution 0.1 nT; Institut Dr. Förster, Reutlingen, Germany.

The magnetometer-survey will be done with a Fluxgate-array with four gradiometer-probes (effective resolution: 0.1 nT). Beside its high resolution, provided by the probes, the array bears another decisive advantage. Four probes are fixed to an array constructed for archaeological purposes especially and carried by one person, which provides extremely low noise data and makes it possible to survey up to 4ha per day.

A measurement distance of 0.2 x 0.5 m is recommended. A fewer density of measurements will provide only restricted data regarding the aim of research. In special circumstances a higher measurement density is possible to provide more detailed information.

For terrain with obstacles the four-channel array might be reduced to a single-channel system. Only for extreme cases the system can be replaced by a FM36 (Geoscan Research, Bradford, UK) single-channel Fluxgate-array for normal and heavy terrain.

Lateral resolution: minimum 0.25 x 0.5 m.

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